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Restorative AcroLab at 10:00 AM on August 26 with Troy - Adventure Aide
ABOUT ACRO YOGA AcroYoga combines the dynamic wisdom of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the healing, loving nature of Thai massage. Maybe you’ve seen a cool video or picture on social media, or someone doing it at the park and you want to know what it is? How are they doing it? Where can I try it without making a huge investment? Am i even capable of doing that? I’ve created Acro Lab to answer all of these questions, however, the answer to the last one is YES YOU CAN! DESCRIPTION AcroLab is a gathering of people of ALL LEVELS. The goal is to provide a low-risk and SAFE space for you to explore your interests in movement, trust building, and community. We practice in public locations outdoors for three reasons: 1. To show that ANYONE can walk into it, try it and succeed at it. 2. As an Adventure Aide Ambassador we are committed to getting people outdoors! 3. We look so cool doing it 😎 LAB OVERVIEW LAB will begin with a short introduction to AcroYoga. We will approach the language that follows the practice and gain a basic understanding of the roles of the BASE, FLYER, SPOTTER. SAFETY will be a VERY important aspect of our practice that will be weaved throughout and we will often come back to. Then there will be a warm up with solo and partner exercises. Afterwards we will acknowledge the energetic effects of AcroYoga, differentiating the SOLAR and LUNAR practices by experimenting in our own bodies. At the end there will be a community meditation to INTEGRATE and REFLECT on our experience. BENEFITS AcroYoga aides in developing happiness, confidence, sensitivity, trust, determination, a sense of community, as well as physical attributes like upper body strength, core ability, suppleness and grace. These qualities can be taken into your daily life and, in your own little way, you can contribute, to helping the world be a better place. This is one of many AcroLabs to come, each will build develop your skills and challenge you in different ways, all while you connect with fellow Yogis. HOUSEKEEPING Please bring your own mat or let me know if you need one so I can supply. *limited* No partner is needed, but bring a friend anyway! We will be interacting with each other in groups of two, three, four and sometime even 5 or more. Also be smart with your clothing choices, like you would to any other yoga class. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE practice good hygiene. I cannot express this enough, but you will be getting very close to some one you may not know. If you only take a shower once a week take it before AcroLab. Don’t be the kid who has to watch everyone have fun because you’re too stinky for anyone to play with you. IT HAPPENS! Any questions or interested in getting in touch with me before the event for any reason feel free to contact me through AdventureAide or any of my social media @tingtoytroy or I look forward to meeting you!
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